Quantitative Proteome Data Upload to XLinkDB

The tab delimited file must contain a header line with the following column names:
1. Protein
2. Exp_Ref_Type_log2ratio
3. Exp_Ref_Type_log2stdev
4. Exp_Ref_Type_pvalue

where 'Exp', 'Ref', 'Type' are the experiment condition, reference condition, and quantitation type ('shotgun'), respectively.
They must in combination be unique for each included ratio. The Exp_Ref_Type_log2stdev and Exp_Ref_Type_pvalue columns are optional.

Values stored in columns of each non-header entry of the file are:
1. Protein Uniprot Accession
2. Mean log2 ratio of experiment to reference condition, among contributing replicates
3. Standard deviation of log2ratios among contributing replicates
4. P-value assessing likelihood of observing mean log2 ratio by chance

Only the first 2 columns are required. Note that the first column value must be unique in the uploaded file.

Additional columns can be appended for other ratios with a different unique Exp_Ref_Type prefix. For each, only the log2ratio colunn is required, though the log2stdev and/or pvalue columns can also be included.