Welcome to XLinkDB 4.0!

Database and tools to store, visualize and predict protein interaction topologies.

New in XLinkDB 4.0:

(A) Automated protein modeling and protein-protein docking (see About and Help pages)
(B) Species-level interactomes on the Species View page
(C) New public datasets (Citations)        (D) xiNET and Cytoscape.js graph theory viewers
(E) Addition of a GUNK specific page available here       
(F) NGL Viewer now available for structure viewing and model editing
(G) PRM Calculator available for quantitative cross-linking analysis       
(H) View multiple networks together in a single table       
(I) Add quantitative proteome data to existing network
(K) Investigate PDB files mapped to cross-links' with Jwalk SASDs on Structure View page
(L) View GO ontology attributes of cross-linked proteins on Protein View page

For a tutorial, more information and help, please go to the Help page.

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Generate an XL-MS Interaction Table:

Upload New Data:

All data must include XLinkProphet probabilities (for more info see https://github.com/brucelab/xlinkprophet or contact xlinkdb@washington.edu)

Upload New Quantitative Cross-Link Data:

Upload Quantitative Proteome Data to Existing Network:


If you submit public data and: (1) would like your reference on the Citation page, and/or (2) do not see your data displayed, please contact us.
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